Semester Two – semester length units

Advanced Financing Techniques (LAWS6014) REGISTER NOW
  • Gain an understanding of the commonly used commercial structures and techniques for large financings.
  • Examine the use of these structures and techniques in a range of commercial settings, such as takeovers and public/private infrastructures, and in the international context.
  • This is an advanced unit, which assumes a good general knowledge of Australian corporate law and corporate finance.
Child Sexual Abuse: Diverse Perspectives (LAWS6105) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the socio-legal complexities of responding to child sexual abuse in society.
  • Acquire a theoretical and multidisciplinary framework for understanding and evaluating contemporary issues relevant to child sexual abuse.
Compliance: Theory & Practice in the Financial Services Industry (LAWS6264) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine in detail the legal and regulatory requirements relevant to the financial services industry, and how the risk of breaching those requirements can be managed by compliance systems.
  • Focus not only on legal theory but also on the practical day to day business issues involved with compliance.
Controlling Liability by Contract (LAWS6250) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the doctrinal, theoretical and practical issues raised by contract risk management.
  • Study the control of liability for breach of contract and negligence.
  • Consider the operation of the relevant common law and statutory rules in the context of various types of contracts, with particular emphasis on contracts for the provision of services and sale of goods.
Corporate Fundraising (LAWS6100) REGISTER NOW
  • Study the disclosure provisions and other requirements of chapter 6D of the Corporations Act, with particular focus on their application to the offer of company shares for issue or sale.
  • Consider listed managed investment schemes regulated under the Financial Services Reform Act.
  • Examine additional relevant legal requirements, including the ASX Listing Rules, for initial public offerings and other fundraisings.
Criminal Liability (LAWS6034) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the ways in which criminal liability is established, and the central factors governing liability.
  • Analyse the general principles of criminal law, constituent elements of particular offences and the definition of a range of defences from historical, theoretical and practical context perspectives, with a special focus on male violence.
  • Gain an appreciation of the tensions and perceived prejudices inherent in the criminal law and the criminal justice system.
Freedom of Speech: Theoretical and Comparative Issues (JURS6019) REGISTER NOW
  • Freedom of speech is among the most hotly discussed constitutional rights in a liberal democratic state. This unit of study will aimed at clarifying some of the fundamental conceptual and normative foundations of both freedoms, always against the background of specific legal rules, cases and controversies in Australia and around the world.
International Human Rights (LAWS6161) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the principles and practice of international human rights law.
  • Acquire an introduction to the key concepts, debates, documents and institutions, while encouraging critical examination of these from a variety of angles.
  • Determine how to regard a situation or predicament as one involving a breach of international human rights law.
  • Formulate written and oral arguments by reference to key international human rights law instruments and principles.
  • Give strategic advice as to available avenues of recourse in international human rights law
  • Advance an informed critique of particular dimensions of international human rights law scholarship and practice, by reference to contemporary literature in this field.
International Law I (Group B) (LAWS6243) REGISTER NOW
  • Gain an introduction to public international law.
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the core principles and problems of, and contemporary issues in international law.
Law of Not-for-Profits (LAWS6313) REGISTER NOW
  • The objectives of this unit are to introduce students to the fundamental legal issues raised by the unique status of not-for-profit (NFP) entities.
Precedent, Interpretation and Probability (LAWS6836) REGISTER NOW
  • The course will examine a number of contemporary debates regarding the nature of legal reasoning
  • The unit will examine the status of the modern doctrine of precedent and the current state of the Hart/Dworkin/Fish debate in regard to the nature of precedential reasoning.
  • The unit will examine contemporary semantic theory and philosophy of language, and the contribution those fields can make to a proper understanding of the interpretation of legal texts.
  • The unit will also examine the relationship between legal reasoning and moral reasoning and the new legal positivism of writers such as Goldsworthy and Shapiro.
  • In a final segment, the unit will examine legal reasoning in regard to matters of fact, and the current debate as to whether legal fact finding can be modelled using Bayes' theorem and probability theory.
Taxation of Business & Investment Income B (LAWS6841) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit, along with LAWS6840 Tax of Business and Investment Income A, is designed to provide an advanced study of the income and capital gains tax treatment of various complex commercial transactions.
Taxation of Corporate Groups (LAWS6244) REGISTER NOW
  • The object of this unit is to examine the policy and practical issues that arise in the consolidation regime in Australia.
Theories of the Judiciary (LAWS6316) REGISTER NOW
  • This seminar will consider views in jurisprudence which examines the judge, the activity of judging, and the proper role of the judiciary within a legal system and a just society more generally.