Semester Two – semester length units

  • Analyse the concept of breach of contract, the concept of standard of duty and the law’s requirements for proof of breach.
  • Consider the circumstances in which breach of contract confers a right of termination
Compliance: Theory & Practice in the Financial Services Industry (LAWS6264) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine in detail the legal and regulatory requirements relevant to the financial services industry, and how the risk of breaching those requirements can be managed by compliance systems.
  • Focus not only on legal theory but also on the practical day to day business issues involved with compliance.
Corporate Fundraising (LAWS6100) REGISTER NOW
  • Study the disclosure provisions and other requirements of chapter 6D of the Corporations Act, with particular focus on their application to the offer of company shares for issue or sale.
  • Consider listed managed investment schemes regulated under the Financial Services Reform Act.
  • Examine additional relevant legal requirements, including the ASX Listing Rules, for initial public offerings and other fundraisings.
Criminal Liability (LAWS6034) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the ways in which criminal liability is established, and the central factors governing liability.
  • Analyse the general principles of criminal law, constituent elements of particular offences and the definition of a range of defences from historical, theoretical and practical context perspectives, with a special focus on male violence.
  • Gain an appreciation of the tensions and perceived prejudices inherent in the criminal law and the criminal justice system.
International Commercial Arbitration (LAWS6060) REGISTER NOW
  • Outline the key principles in the law of international commercial arbitration (ICA).
  • Discuss a range of cutting-edge legal issues; and nurture a sophisticated understanding of the historical development, and likely future path, of ICA systems in relation to other forms of dispute resolution in trans-border contexts.
  • Develop an ability to discuss or argue arbitration law issues with colleagues, and to gain familiarity with key reference materials, expertise in conducting independent research, and skills in effective legal writing in this field.
  • Consider how international commercial arbitration relates to litigation and ADR, surveys some of the most important transnational and Australian legislative instruments, and introduces major trends.
International Law and the Use of Armed Force (LAWS6062) REGISTER NOW
  • Understand and gain a sound knowledge of the legal principles and rules governing the resort to armed force by States.
  • Analyse a complex factual situation, recognise the issues arising, and determine the international legal rights and responsibilities of the parties involved.
  • Gain awareness and understanding of current issues relating to the use of force and United Nations practice in matters affecting international peace and security.
International Law I (Group B) (LAWS6243) REGISTER NOW
  • Gain an introduction to public international law.
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the core principles and problems of, and contemporary issues in international law.
International Law II (Group B) (LAWS6167) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine how international law is created, implemented and enforced by national legal systems and through international organisations.
  • Examine the different ways in which law's transboundary impacts can be understood by considering international, transnational, global and comparative perspectives on law-making.
  • Explore the relationship between international law and domestic law in depth, both in a comparative perspective and with particular reference to the impact of international law on Australian law and legal institutions.
Interpretation of Statutes and Other Texts (LAWS6326) REGISTER NOW
  • Develop an understanding of the principles of statutory interpretation, and hone their ability to apply those principles in practice.
  • Explore the interpretation of contracts, constitutions and treaties, observing where the core principles of statutory interpretation (text, context and purpose/intent) also apply to those texts, as well as learning rules particular to contracts, constitutions and treaties.
Law of Tax Administration (LAWS6112) REGISTER NOW
  • Tax Administration is a study of the theoretical and practical issues that arise in the administration of the Australian tax system, concentrating primarily on the income tax.
Legal Responsibility and Philosophy of Mind (LAWS6827) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the contemporary philosophical work on free will, consciousness, mind and causation.
  • Apply this work to present problems in regard to the concepts of legal responsibility.
Taxation of Business & Investment Income B (LAWS6841) EMAIL PROFESSIONAL PLUS
  • The goal of this unit is to develop an understanding of the policies, detailed rules and current practical problems involved in this area of taxation, through the analysis of a number of specific problems that will be discussed in the seminars. Because of continual change to the taxation system, recent legislative amendments and judicial decisions will be examined in detail where applicable.
Theories of Law (LAWS6940) REGISTER NOW
  • Explore some prominent responses of both philosophers and sociologists to a single question: what is law?