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Advanced Obligations and Remedies (LAWS6947) REGISTER NOW
Offshore unit of study - please email for details
  • Explore a number of contentious issues arising in the law of civil obligations and remedies.
  • Revise and build on the fundamentals in the areas of torts, contracts and equity and place particular emphasis on the interaction of these three fields of the law.
Climate Disaster Law (LAWS6320) REGISTER NOW
Offshore unit of study - please email for details
  • This unit of study adopts a climate justice approach to assess the respective roles and responsibilities of government and insurers to avoid, prepare for, respond to, recover from, and compensate for, the risks of climate disasters.
Corporate Governance (LAWS6222) REGISTER NOW
  • Explore a range of recent trends and issues in corporate governance.
  • Examine these issues from a comparative law perspective, analysing fundamental differences in corporate governance structure and techniques in a range of jurisdictions, including the US, UK, Germany, China and Australia.
Dispute Resolution in Australia (LAWS6130) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire a broad understanding of the theory, policy and practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  • Examine the various alternative dispute resolution processes, their advantages and limitations.
  • Explore the application of alternative dispute resolution in particular areas of practice.
Global Health Law (LAWS6920) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine how the determinants of health (e.g. pathogens, air, water, goods, and lifestyle choices) are increasingly international in origin, expanding the need for health governance structures that transcend traditional and increasingly inadequate national approaches.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of global health law through careful examination of the major contemporary problems in global health, the principal international legal instruments governing global health, the principal international organisations, and innovative solutions for global health governance in the 21st Century.
Insolvency Law (LAWS6159) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit provides an introduction to the mainly statutory law regulating bankrupt individuals and insolvent companies to be found in the Bankruptcy Act 1966 and Corporations Act 2001.
International Criminal Law (LAWS6219) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine how hybrid or internationalised criminal courts use the rule of law to help stop the cycle of impunity for perpetrators of mass atrocities.
  • Examine both substantive and procedural international criminal law using cases before the international courts and tribunals.
  • Gain an overall understanding of international criminal law, as well as exposure to some of the interesting issues confronting the international criminal courts and tribunals today.
Introduction to Australian Business Tax (Group B) (LAWS6825) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit introduces the basic elements of Australia's income tax (including fringe benefits tax and capital gains tax), with an emphasis on their impact on businesses, whether conducted directly or via a partnership, trust or company.
Legal Pluralism in Southeast Asia (LAWS6149) REGISTER NOW
Offshore unit of study - please email for details
  • This unit introduces students to the legal systems of Southeast Asia, focusing on Indonesia and Malaysia.
Legal Reasoning and the Common Law System (Group C) (LAWS6252) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit has been designed to equip students with the necessary legal skills and legal knowledge to competently apply themselves in their chosen area of law.
Philosophy of Law (LAWS6308) REGISTER NOW
Offshore unit of study - please email for details
  • The main objective of this unit is to provide a critical understanding of the fundamental principles of legal theory and philosophy of law.
Principles of Intellectual Property (LAWS6873) REGISTER NOW
  • This introductory unit is designed for students who have not previously undertaken any formal study of Intellectual Property.
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Anti-Terrorism Law (LAWS6856) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire an introduction to the diverse range of anti-terrorism laws and policies which have developed at the international, regional and domestic levels, and which proliferated after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001.
Comparative International Taxation (LAWS6128) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit examines the core issues in developing international tax rules and identifies different approaches countries have taken in dealing with these issues.
Constitutional Theory (JURS6018) REGISTER NOW
  • Address the role that constitutionalism is expected to play in a democratic state, and explore various constitutional theories.
  • Examine theoretical attempts at reconciling commitments to constitutionalism with emphasis on democratic participation.
Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Policy (LAWS6140) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine a selection of theoretical and policy issues broadly related to the social responsibilities of corporations.
  • The unit will adopt a comparative and interdisciplinary approach, drawing on material from jurisdictions including the U.S. and Canada, as well as on methodologies and insights from law and economics and other schools of thought.
Critical Issues in Public Health Law (LAWS6839) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit provides an introduction to key topics in public health law, and a foundation for further study in this field.
Discretion in Criminal Justice (LAWS6066) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit looks at the ways in which the exercise of discretionary judgment arises for consideration in the course of the criminal justice process and the ways in which that judgment should be exercised at each step.
  • Explore nuances in the conduct of any criminal prosecution aside from the application of the letter of the law.
Doing Business in China (LAWS6852) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire an overview of the Chinese legal, political and economic system.
  • Examine the system of commercial regulation in China, including contracts, land use, regulation of private and state-owned businesses and Chinese companies and securities laws.
  • Focus on Chinese contract law and the foreign investment regime as well as the related structuring and regulatory issues related to foreign participation in the Chinese market.
Environmental Law and Policy (LAWS6044) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire an introduction to overarching themes in environmental law and policy as a foundation to more detailed studies for the Environmental Law Program.
  • Develop multi-dimensional thinking about environmental issues and the strategies needed to address them.
  • Gain a broad background of the political and economic issues in so far as they are related to the legal issues involved.
Environmental Planning Law (LAWS6045) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit examines the legal and institutional structures for land-use regulation and the resolution of land-use conflicts.
Human Rights and the Global Economy (LAWS6846) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the promotion of free market ideology through trade liberalisation and the protection of human rights through the universalisation of the norms that underpin human dignity.
International and Comparative Labour Law (LAWS6022) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit will explore current important aspects of international and comparative labour law, with a special focus on EU and European developments.
International Commercial Arbitration (LAWS6060) REGISTER NOW
  • Outline the key principles in the law of international commercial arbitration (ICA).
  • Discuss a range of cutting-edge legal issues; and nurture a sophisticated understanding of the historical development, and likely future path, of ICA systems in relation to other forms of dispute resolution in trans-border contexts.
  • Develop an ability to discuss or argue arbitration law issues with colleagues, and to gain familiarity with key reference materials, expertise in conducting independent research, and skills in effective legal writing in this field.
  • Consider how international commercial arbitration relates to litigation and ADR, surveys some of the most important transnational and Australian legislative instruments, and introduces major trends.
Judicial Review - Principles, Policy and Procedure (LAWS6068) REGISTER NOW
  • Experience a specialised and thematic account of judicial review as one means for making the executive branch of government accountable.
  • Develop an understanding of trends reflected in principles relating to justiciability, standing to seek review, excess of power and abuse of power, and procedural fairness.
  • Undertake a critical evaluation of the policy choices which account for development of common law principles.
Law of Asset Protection (LAWS6953) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit examines the legal aspects of asset protection, from both Australian and international perspectives.
Personal Property Securities (LAWS6956) REGISTER NOW
  • An understanding of the rationale and principles which informed the drafting of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) including the functional approach to its definition of security interest;
  • An analysis of the manner in which a security interest under the Act may arise and be preserved and enforced;
  • An appreciation of the breadth of the Act’s definition of security interest by an examination of the applicability of the Act not only to a traditional forms of security interest such as a mortgage or charge but also to other common commercial arrangements not traditionally regarded as giving rise to a security interest, such as certain types of leases and trust arrangements.
Regulation of Market Manipulation and Abuse (LAWS6944) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the key concepts at the heart of capital market regulation focusing on practices that threaten the integrity of global securities markets.
  • Focus on recent developments (including high profile prosecutions for market abuse) in Australia and the United States while selecting other jurisdictions (most notably China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Europe and Hong Kong) that are relevant to the different subjects considered.
Risk, Fear and Insecurity (LAWS6888) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit considers the significance of anxiety, 'fear of crime', risk and insecurity in the late modern world.
UK International Taxation (LAWS6109) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit covers the domestic provisions of UK direct tax law dealing with international transactions, as well as UK treaties and the impact of EU law on the UK tax system.
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Comparative Admiralty and Maritime Law (LAWS6900) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit is designed to complement the separate (though non-requisite) unit, LAWS6849 Commercial Maritime Law, which is focused upon the commercial use of the ship, carriage by sea and the shipping industry.
Discrimination in the Workplace (LAWS6039) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the nature of discrimination in the workplace and the legal response to it in Australia.
  • Consider theoretical perspectives on equality that underpin our legislation and ideas about effective regulation.
Energy and Climate Law (LAWS6163) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire an inter-disciplinary and integrative approach to understanding the dynamics of one of the most pressing global environmental concerns, ecologically sustainable energy use, and evaluate the perspectives of scientists, lawyers and economists to develop an integrated approach to sustainable energy use.
  • Identify current patterns of energy use in Australia and examine Australia's response to the Climate Change Convention.
  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of various political, legal and economic mechanisms that influence the choice of energy use.
Government Regulation, Health Policy & Ethics (LAWS6052) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine government regulation of health care, drugs, resource allocation, medical research and professional practice.
  • With regard to each area of government decision-making, analyse issues by reference to the interplay between social goals, human rights, legal rights and ethical considerations.
Insurance Contract Law (LAWS6882) REGISTER NOW
  • Identify and analyse the key legal concepts that govern the relationship between insurers and policyholders.
International Dispute Resolution (LAWS6865) REGISTER NOW
  • Gain an in-depth analysis of international dispute resolution as a technique for resolving public international law disputes.
  • Utilise The United Nations Charter provisions for the peaceful settlement of international disputes as the basic framework for the review of dispute resolution techniques.
International Law and the Use of Armed Force (LAWS6062) REGISTER NOW
  • Understand and gain a sound knowledge of the legal principles and rules governing the resort to armed force by States.
  • Analyse a complex factual situation, recognise the issues arising, and determine the international legal rights and responsibilities of the parties involved.
  • Gain awareness and understanding of current issues relating to the use of force and United Nations practice in matters affecting international peace and security.
Labour Law in the Global Economy (LAWS6816) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit will explore the extent to which the new global economy (global integration of production and increased migration, digital and informational technologies, transformations in work and production processes, and the shift to services) has undermined norms of employment, forms of workers organization, the traditional structure of the firm, assumptions about who workers are and what they need, and ideas about how regulation works - norms, assumptions, and ideas that have been the foundation upon which national regimes of labour regulation have been built.
Law of Agency (LAWS6859) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit will seek to examine the general principles by which one identifies an "agent" and the consequences of that position, and will then pay particular attention to the specific agency doctrines of apparent authority, ratification, warranty of authority and the undisclosed principal.
Legal Reasoning and the Common Law System (Group D) (LAWS6252) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit has been designed to equip students with the necessary legal skills and legal knowledge to competently apply themselves in their chosen area of law.
Mental Illness: Law and Policy (LAWS6877) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the law relating to mental health issues in Australia including human rights principles.
  • Investigate the background material on the nature and incidence of mental illness, psychiatric and medical issues; consider criminological and public policy literature where relevant.
  • Explore substantive issues from civil treatment, welfare law and criminal law
New Technologies, Risk and Environmental Law (LAWS6864) REGISTER NOW
  • Assess the regulation of new technologies from a risk regulation and Environmental Law perspective.
Public Policy (LAWS6257) REGISTER NOW
  • Gain an understanding of the role of government policy within the analytical framework of welfare economics.
  • Examine the conditions that justify government intervention; determine whether policies can be designed to support basic principles of social justice and what kinds of reforms promote economic efficiency.
  • Acquire an overview of the main empirical methodologies used in evaluating policy reforms.
Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions (LAWS6892) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit will focus on the tax issues arising on the takeover or re-organisation of a corporation.
Taxation of Partnerships and Trusts (LAWS6118) REGISTER NOW
  • The objective of this unit is to examine the policy and practical issues that arise in Australia by virtue of the rules for the taxation of income derived through unincorporated entities.
The State and Global Governance (LAWS6119) REGISTER NOW
  • Explore ways in which international affairs are governed on a global scale, the significance of international law in that governance, and the roles and capacities of states within global governance.
  • Gain an introduction to a range of historical and contemporary approaches to understanding the role of law in international affairs.
  • Consider these issues in relation to current events of global import.
  • For these purposes, both an interest in international affairs and familiarity with the principles and institutions of public international law are desirable.
White Collar and Corporate Crime (LAWS6315) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit will expose students to the significant body of criminological theory, research and critical debate on white collar and corporate crime.
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Coastal and Marine Law (LAWS6314) REGISTER NOW
  • Explores legal and policy frameworks for the management of coastal and marine areas in Australia.
Cross-Border Deals (LAWS6997) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit is for law graduates and students for the JD degree who have, or intend to have, a practice that exposes them to cross-border financings and acquisitions.
Economics of Tax Policy (LAWS6984) REGISTER NOW
  • Gain an understanding of the modern economics approach to the analysis of tax policy.
  • Examine the role of taxation within the framework of welfare economics and the social and economic effects of reforms drawing on available empirical evidence.
  • Pay particular attention is given to the evaluation of current policies and proposed reforms in terms of distributional outcomes and efficiency costs due to disincentive effects on labour supply, saving and investment.
International Law II (Group B) (LAWS6167) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine how international law is created, implemented and enforced by national legal systems and through international organisations.
  • Examine the different ways in which law's transboundary impacts can be understood by considering international, transnational, global and comparative perspectives on law-making.
  • Explore the relationship between international law and domestic law in depth, both in a comparative perspective and with particular reference to the impact of international law on Australian law and legal institutions.
Tax Avoidance and Anti-Avoidance (LAWS6965) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit examines the pervasive phenomenon of tax avoidance, and the design (and effectiveness) of common judicial and legislative responses to it.
Tax Treaties Special Issues (LAWS6946) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit of study considers a number of specialised topics in the area of tax treaties, largely reflecting the work of the OECD and United Nations on tax treaties currently and in the last decade.
Water Law and Climate Change (LAWS6191) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit of study situates the management of Australia's water resources within an International Law context including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, International Water Law principles and an internationally recognised human right to water.
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Chinese Laws & Chinese Legal Systems (LAWS6001) REGISTER NOW
Offshore unit of study - please email for details
  • Acquire an overall picture of the modern Chinese legal system.
  • Develop a perception of its unique character by tracing its role through major social epochs and the role of law in a socialist market economy.
  • Examine the concept of law as a political function and the implementation of law, not so much through courts, as through administrative fiats and authority, making law essentially a function of politics and administration.
Interpreting Commercial Contracts (LAWS6903) REGISTER NOW
  • Critically discuss the explosion in the number of cases on contractual interpretation, with a view to trying to establish the principles by which the courts do - and should - interpret contracts, with a focus on Australia, England and New Zealand.