Objectives & activities

The Institute's objectives are

  • Creation of a research network which complements the State and National needs of the public and private sector, as well as a wide range of community interests
  • Ongoing expansion of publishing activities within the Institute
  • Continued diversification of public education predominantly through the provision of public and professional seminar series and media commentary
  • Further review and improvement of teaching commitment and delivery

The Institute's main areas of activity are:

  • Coordination and presentation of a wide-range of applied and theoretical research initiatives concerned with crime and criminal justice in New South Wales and throughout Australia
  • Publication of the journal Current Issues in Criminal Justice; Books and texts; Occasional papers; Seminar and Conference Papers; and other related information
  • Assistance with the delivery of courses in Criminology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels Organisation of a program of public seminars on topics of contemporary concern in fields of criminal justice
  • Provision of specialist seminars which deal with particular areas of crime and criminal justice
  • Provision of service and information to corporate, individual, and student Members