Developing Cultural Criminology: Theory & Practice in Papua New Guinea

Monograph 13

Developing Cultural Criminology

Banks, C. (ed)

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This book presents a discussion of criminological issues in the 'Third World' with particular reference to Papua New Guinea, a country known for its serious law and order problems and its high incidence of violence, especially gang violence. The collection contains a series of studies of crime & social issues in Papua New Guinea based on each author's original research. The studies are concerned with: the Melanesia conception and meaning of violence; street begging in Port Moresby; drug control; 'raskol' (criminal) gangs, education and the "problem" of youth; the prison experience for a Melanesian; dispute settlement between mining companies and villagers; State responses to violence through the criminal justice system and informal approaches to the resolution of crime, including the surrender of criminal gangs. The collection emphasises that 'Third World' criminology has been marginalised by being subsumed in the Western discourse on crime. As Professor Stanley Cohen writes in the Preface, "it is a measure of the continuing ethnocentricity of Western-dominated criminology that a volume of this sort, under this title, is still necessary."

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