When Police Unionise: the politics of law and order in Australia

Monograph 15

When Police Unionise

Finnane, Mark

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Once upon a time police were not allowed to unionise. Now they are among the most highly unionised of workers. When Police Unionise shows how that happened in Australia. Moreover, this book is a study of the contemporary politics of policing, about the generation of law and order politics in Australia since the 1960's, and about the implications of these developments for the way criminal justice systems work. This book is a critical appraisal of the politics of law and order in Australia, seen from the perspective of police in their role as workers and employees.

The book helps us understand why police have the voice they do in public debates about crime, justice and policing - and why their impact is nevertheless limited by the play of politics in contemporary Australia. Mark Finnane is a Professor of History and a leading historian of Australian policing and criminal justice. He is currently Dean of Postgraduate Education at Griffith University.
[264 pp].

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