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Restorative Justice: Adults and Emerging Practice
Edited by Jane Bolitho, Jasmine Bruce and Gail Mason

Restorative Justice: Adults and Emerging Practice

This book outlines the current experimentation with approaches to restorative justice for adult offenders represents a compelling new direction in the criminal justice system. The value and challenges of restorative justice for adult offenders, victims and communities is thoroughly examined. The discussion is situated within current debate, available research, and the international literature. In canvassing the structure, content and delivery of key Australian and New Zealand restorative justice programs for adult offenders, the distinguished authors offer critical analysis of the emergence and impact of program developments for restorative justice practitioners, criminal justice professionals, and the criminal justice system.

This collection brings together stimulating and informed articles by experienced practitioners, leading academics and new researchers in the field. It is essential reading not only for restorative justice professionals (including police, magistrates, lawyers, program managers, convenors and facilitators) but for policy-makers, criminal justice researchers, and students - all of whom will gain valuable insight into emerging restorative justice practice for adult offenders, which offers a real and persuasive alternative to the adversarial justice system.


Part 1: Background

  • Foreword – John Braithwaite
  • Restorative Justice: from Juveniles to Adults, Jasmine Bruce, Gail Mason and Jane Bolitho
  • Restorative Justice for Adults: Should We Do More?, Jane Bolitho
  • Restorative Justice, Adult Offenders and the Court System, Michael King

Part 2: Showcasing Recent Developments

  • Forum Sentencing: Using Research and Experience to Improve Practice, Dean Hart and Gabriela Pirc
  • Restorative Justice and Adult Offending: Twelve Years of Post-sentence Practice, Kate Milner
  • Australian Indigenous Sentencing Courts: Restoring Culture in the Sentencing Court Process, Elena Marchetti
  • Recent Developments within Restorative Justice in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Helen Bowen, Jim Boyack and Janet Calder-Watson

Part 3: Emerging and Critical Issues

  • Restorative Justice for Victims of Adult Crime: An Exploration of Theory and Evidence, Kelly Richards
  • Best Practice in Restorative Justice Conference Facilitation: Some Big Ideas, John McDonald
  • What Standards for Restorative Justice and Adults? Issues in Practitioner Training and Accreditation, Jasmine Bruce
  • Justice for Gendered Violence: What Does Restorative Justice Offer?, Julie Stubbs
  • Emotion Across the Lifecourse: The Case for Restorative Justice with Adults, Meredith Rossner

Part 4: Lessons and Future Directions

  • Conclusion: Emerging Practice and Future Directions, Heather Strang
  • Index


“This collection provides an important corrective to one major bias of the restorative justice literature, which is a predominant focus on youth justice, to the neglect of restorative justice for adult offenders. It also highlights the strong links between academia and the practice of restorative justice. Complementing insightful new scholarly contributions are practitioners who write with a real passion and depth of experience. This book is timely, given that the evidence for effectiveness and justice seems at least as strong with adults.”
John Braithwaite, Australian National University

“This welcome volume grasps the nettle for future directions in the practice of restorative justice, especially in relation to adults. The contributors are some of the best scholars on this topic in Australasia and they bring their expertise to bear in a thoughtful and comprehensive discussion. This volume recognises the huge potential of restorative justice for expansion to the world of adult crime and provides a strong basis for bold policy changes in this direction.”
Heather Strang, University of Cambridge, Australian National University

Institute of Criminology Series No 30 2012
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