Current Issues in Criminal Justice

Current Issues in Criminal Justice is produced by the Institute of Criminology Press and is the major Australian journal on criminal justice.

Contributors include academics, researchers and professionals, who provide expert analysis of the many aspects of criminal justice.

The Journal covers national and international issues, and has subscribers from many different countries and disciplines. It features 'Contemporary Comments' which are at the cutting edge of the crime and justice debate, as well as reviews of recently released books.

Editor: Associate Professor Murray Lee
Book Review Editor: Associate Professor Rita Shackel
Managing Editor:
Journal Directors: Associate Professor Thomas Crofts and Dr Rebecca Scott Bray

Latest Issue: Volume 26 Number 2, November 2014

  • Public Attitudes towards Penalties for Sexting by Minors
    Carianne Blyth and Lynne D Roberts
  • Out of Step and Out of Touch: Queensland’s 2014 Youth Justice Amendments
    Jodie O'Leary
  • Official Discourses of the Australian 'Welfare Cheat'
    Scarlet Wilcock
  • Rethinking the Methamphetamine Situation: Perceptions of Risk and Current Policy Dialogue
    Andrew Groves
2014 Paul Byrne SC Memorial Lecture

Is the Weight of Evidence Material to its Admissibility?
JD Heydon AC QC

Contemporary Comments
  • Why Diversity May Not Mend Adversity - An Australian Commentary on Multicultural Affirmative Action Strategies in Law Enforcement
    Stephane M Shepherd
  • 'A Very Expensive Lesson': Counting the Costs of Penalty Notices for Anti-social Behaviour
    Elyse Methven
Book Reviews
  • Restorative Justice: Adults and Emerging Practice edited by Jane Bolitho, Jasmine Bruce and Gail Mason
    Susan L Miller
  • Transitional Justice Theories edited by Susanne Buckley-Zistel, Teresa Koloma Beck, Christian Braun and Friederike Mieth
    Rita Shackel