Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 10 Number 1 (July 1998)

Edited by Mr Chris Cunneen, University of Sydney


  • Harry Blagg, Restorative Visions and Restorative Justice Practices: Conferencing, Ceremony and Reconciliation in Australia
  • Carrie Chan and Chris Cunneen, Federal Programs for Access to Justice under a Conservative Australian Government
  • Suzanne Christie, Trial by media: politics, policy and public opinion, the case of the ACT heroin trial
  • Miranda Kaye and Julia Tolmie, 'Lollies at a Children's Party' and other Myths: Violence, Protection orders and fathers' rights groups
  • Julie Stubbs and Julia Tolmie, Feminisms, Self-Defence, and Battered Women: A Response to Hubble's 'Straw Feminist'

Contemporary Comment

  • Mark Findlay, Decolonising Restoration and Justice
  • Patricia Gallagher and Patrizia Poletti, Ethnic Diversity, Aboriginality and Sentencing Young Offenders
  • Paul Moyle, Will the Private Sector Improve the Prison System through Competition, Market Testing or Cross-Fertilisation?
  • David Dixon, Broken Windows, Zero Tolerance, and the New York Miracle


Satyanshu Mukherjee, Professor Marvin E. Wolfgang, 1924 - 1998


  • Chat Carcia Ramilo, on Chris Cunneen and Julie Stubbs, Gender 'Race' and International Relations
  • Mark Findlay, on Russell Hogg and David Brown, Rethinking Law and Order