Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 10 Number 2, November

Edited by Ms Robyn Gilbert, University of Sydney


  • Adrien Cherney, Understanding and Documenting Anti- Homosexual Sentiment
  • Gerald Palk, Hennessey Hayes and Timothy Prenzler, Restorative Justice and Community Conferencing: Summary of Findings from a Pilot Study
  • Mike Presdee and Reece Walters, The Perils and Politics of Criminological Research and Threat to Academic Freedom
  • Juan Tauri, Family Group Conferenecing: A Case-Study of the Indigenisation of New Zealand's Justice System
  • Anne Worrall, Law and Orders: Public Protection and Social Exclusion in England and Wales

Contemporary Comment

  • Michael Antrum, Frisky Business - Police, Search Powers and Young People
  • Mark Brown, Victoria's Project Pathfinder: In the Kingdom of the Blind
  • Irene Moss, Using complaints to improve policing
  • Rob White, Environmental Criminology and Sydney Water


  • Garry Coventry on Anne Worrall, Punishment in the Community: The Future of Criminal Justice
  • Murray Lee on John Pratt, Governing the Dangerous
  • Stephen Tomsen on Leslie J Morgan, The Homosexuality of Law