Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 10 Number 3 (March 1999)

Edited by David McDonald, National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health, The Australian National University


  • Rob Lynch, Crime in relation to the Sydney Harbour Casino
  • Rick Sarre, Destructuring and criminal justice reforms: rescuing diversionary ideas from the waste-paper basket
  • Fay Longbottom & Janette van Kernbeek, Can reform of the Police Service be achieved through tertiary education

Contemporary Comment

  • David Darcy, Zero tolerance - not quite the influence on New South Wales policing some would have you believe
  • Chris Cunneen, Zero tolerance policing and the experience of New York City
  • Julie Stubbs, An international criminal justice strategy to eliminate violence against women
  • David Wilson, Still waiting for a ‘Third Way’ in Criminal Justice - New Labour and young people in Britain


  • Garry Coventry on David Wilson & John Ashton, What everyone in Britain should know about crime and punishment
  • David McDonald on Simon Chapman, Over our dead bodies: Port Arthur and Australia’s fight for gun control
  • Jane Sanders on Tim Anderson, Steve Campbell & Sheree Turner, Youth street rights: a policy and legislation review