Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 11 Number 1

Edited by Luke McNamara, University of Wollongong


Jim Spigelman, Sentencing Guideline Judgments


  • Anne Cossins, Defying Reality: Child Sexual Assault and the Delay in Complaint Rule
  • Adrian Cherney, Gay and Lesbian Issues in Policing
  • Peter Papathanasiou & Patricia Easteal, The ‘Ordinary Person’ In Provocation Law: Is the ‘Objective’ Standard Objective?

Contemporary Comment

  • Rick Sarre Comment on Papathanasiou & Easteal,‘The “Ordinary Person” in Provocation Law’
  • Scott Poynting, When ‘Zero Tolerance’ Looks Like Racial Intolerance: ‘Lebanese Youth Gangs’, Discrimination and Resistance
  • Paul Catalano, A Review of the Commonwealth’s National Crime Prevention Initiative
  • Mark Findlay, Views From the Drugs Summit


  • Rob White, R Sarre & J Tomaino (eds), 'Exploring Criminal Justice: Contemporary Australian Themes'
  • Terese Henning, Mark Findlay, Stephen Odgers and Stanley Yeo, 'Australian Criminal Justice'
  • Garry Coventry, Robert Weiss and Nigel South (eds), 'Comparing Prison Systems: Toward a Comparative and International Penology