Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 11 No. 2

Special Edition on Private Prisons edited by Garry Coventry, University of Melbourne


Garry Coventry


  • Richard Harding, Prison Privatisation: The Debate Starts to Mature
  • Arie Freiberg, Commercial Confidentiality and Public Accountability for the Provision of Correctional Services
  • Liz Curran, Unlocking the Doors on Transparency & Accountability
  • Paul Moyle, Separating the Allocation of Punishment from its Administration: Theroetical and Empirical Observations
  • James Austin & Garry Coventry, Are We Better Off?: Comparing Private & Public Prisons in the United States
  • Judith Greene, Comparing Private & Public Prison Services & Programs in Minnesota: Findings from Prisoner Interviews

Contemporary Comment

  • Danny Sandor, Youth Detention - System Reform Begins Where the Privatisation Juggernaut Stopped
  • Rob White, On Prison Labour