Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 12 No. 1

Edited by Carrie Chan, University of New South Wales


  • Mark Finnane, Police Unions in Australia: A History of the Present
  • Tim Prenzler & Hennessey Hayes, Measuring Progress in Gender Equity in Australian Policing
  • Stanley Yeo, Revisiting Excessive Self-Defence
  • George Zdenkowski, Limiting Sentencing Discretion: has there been a Paradigm Shift?
  • Christopher Martin, Crime & Control in Australian Urban Space

Contemporary Comment

  • Adrian Cherney, The Adoption of 'What Works' Principles in Crime Prevention Policy & Practice
  • Nerissa Keay, Home Detention - An Alternative to Prison?
  • Kirsten Storry, The Implications for Australian Criminal Justice of the Report of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry
  • Richard Lyster, Why a Truth & Reconciliation Commission


  • David Fraser, Watching the Detectives: A Review Essay
  • Chris Cunneen, Findlay, Mark, The Globalisation of Crime: Understanding Transitional Relationships in Context
  • Judy Cashmore, Dorne, Clifford K, Child Maltreatment: A Primer in History, Public Policy & Research
  • Robert Hayes, Shea, Peter, Defining Madness