Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 12 No. 2

Edited by Chris Cunneen, University of Sydney


  • Mirkko Bagaric, Proportionality in Sentencing: its Justification, Meaning & Role
  • Fiona Haines, Towards Understanding Globalisation & Control of Corporate Harm: a Preliminary Criminological Analysis
  • Martine B. Powell, Practical Guidelines for Conducting Investigative Interviews with Aboriginal People
  • Jeremy Prichard, Manipulable Mores: an Analysis of Prisoner Attitudes to Rape
  • Therese Burton, Brian Dollery & Joe Wallis, 'A Note on Rhetorical Patterns at the 1999 NSW Drug Summit'

Contemporary Comment

  • Annette White et al, Perceptions of Safety Amongst Older People seen by Community Nurses in Central Sydney Area Health Service

    Scott Poynting, Accounting for Cultural Diversity?: the Recent Record of the NSW Police Service
  • Mark Israel, 'What Works' with South Australian Newspapers


  • Jane Sanders, Policing Public Safety
  • Karlene Faith, Women, Crime & the Canadian Criminal Justice System

    David McDonald, Reflections on Violence in Melanesia
  • Deidre Greig, Dangerous Offenders: Punishment & Social Order