Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 12 No. 3

Edited by Rick Sarre, University of South Australia


  • Rob White, Graffiti, Crime Prevention & Cultural Space
  • Anna Grant, Fiona David & Peter Grabosky, The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • Brooke Rae Winters & Hennessey Hayes, Assessing the Queensland Community Corrections Risk Needs Inventory
  • Jenny Mouzos & Sue Thompson, Comparison between Gay Hate-Related Homicides of Men & Other Male Homicides in NSW
  • Emma Ogilvie & Mark Lynch, Responses to Incarceration: a Qualitative Analysis of Adolescents in Juvenile Detention Centres
  • Peter Shea, M'Naghten Revisited: Back to the Future?
  • Keith W. Carter, The Casuarina Prison Riot: Official Discourses or Appreciative Inquiry

Contemporary Comment

  • Leonie Howe, Mandatory Sentencing: a Death Sentence in the Northern Territory?


  • Chris Cunneen, Review Essay: Reflections on Reparations & Reconciliation
  • [[b||Russ Immarigeon, Profiting from Punishment: Private Prisons in Australia

    Martine Marich, Crime & the Criminal Justice System in Australia: 2000 & Beyond
  • Roberto Hugh Potter, Crime Prevention: Approaches, Practices & Evaluation
  • Lawrence Buhagier, Punishment & Political Theory
  • Susan Currie, Aggravation, Mitigation & Mercy in English Criminal Justice