Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 13 No. 2

Edited by Julie Stubbs, University of Sydney


  • Rob White, Criminology for Sale: Institutional Change and Intellectual Field
  • Rebecca Bradfield, Women Who Kill: Lack of Intent and Diminished Responsibility as the Other ‘Defences’ to Spousal Homicide
  • Jeremy Gans, Something to Hide: DNA, Surveillance and Self-incrimination

    Andrew Goldsmith, The Pursuit of Police Integrity: Leadership and Governance Dimensions

Contemporary Comment

  • David Dixon, ‘A Transformed Organisation’? The NSW Police Service since the Royal Commission
  • Sharon Pickering & Caroline Lambert, Immigration Detention Centres, Human Rights and Criminology in Australia


  • Kevin Stenson, Blue Army: Paramilitary Policing in Australia
  • Jude McCulloch, Conflict, Politics & Crime: Aboriginal Communities and the Police
  • Chris Martin, Investigation of Police Action at the WEF demonstrations, September 2000
  • Rick Sarre, Violence and Police Culture
  • Judge Hal Jackson, Restorative Justice and Civil Society