Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 13 No. 3

Edited by Andrew Goldsmith, Flinders University


  • Gail Mason, Recognition and Reformulation
  • Leslie Moran & Andrew Sharpe, Policing the Transgender/Violence Relation
  • Katherine Biber, The Hooded Bandit: Aboriginality, Photography & Criminality in Smith v The Queen
  • Greg Gardiner & Tina Maree-Takagaki, Indigenous Women and the Police in Victoria: patterns of offending and victimisation in the 1990's

Contemporary Comment

  • Chris Cunneen, Mandatory Sentencing & Human Rights
  • Scott Poynting, Racism & Community Safety
  • Katrina Sharman, Sentencing Under our Anti-Cruelty Statues: why our leniency will come back to bite us
  • Douglas Cartwright, Gallery Directors' Perceptions About Art Fraud and the Justice System


  • Peter Shea, A Review of the Relationship between Mental Disorders and Offending Behaviours and on the Management of Mentally Abnormal Offenders in the Health and Criminal Justice Services