Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 14 No. 2


  • Julian Schimmel, "Heroin, Homicide and Public Health"
  • Michael Briody, "The Effects of DNA Evidence on Sexual Offence Cases in Court"
  • Austin Lovegrove, "Intuition, Structure and Sentencing: An Evaluation of Guideline Judgments"

Contemporary Comment

  • David Brown, "Launch Speech of Beyond Bars Alliance"
  • Jeremy Gans, "The Quiet Devolution: How the Model Criminal Code Officer’s Committee Botched New South Wales’s DNA Law"

Review Essay

Russell Hogg, "Crime Control in Late Modernity - David Garland's The Culture of Control"


  • Andrew Goldsmith, Policing the Line, by Norman SJ Baxter

    David Phillips, When Police Unionise by Mark Finnane
  • Wing Hong Chui, The Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders by Iain Crow
  • Scott Poynting, Migration, Culture Conflict and Crime by Freilich et al