Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 14 No. 3


  • Natalie Aarons & Martine Powell, 'Issues related to the interviewer’s ability to elicit reports of abuse from children with an intellectual disability: A review'
  • Mark Findlay & Julia Grix, 'Challenging Forensic Evidence? Observations on the use of DNA in certain criminal trials'

Contemporary Comment

  • Mark Finnane, 'Just like a ‘nun’s picnic’? Violence and colonisation in Australia'
  • Chris Cunneen & Julia Grix, 'The Stolen Generations and Individual Criminal Victimisation: Valerie Linow and the New South Wales Victims Compensation Tribunal'
  • Tim Anderson, 'Terrorist Laws in NSW: disproportional and discriminatory'
  • Daraius Shroff, 'The Future Of Guideline Judgments'