Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 16 No. 1


  • Elizabeth Stanley, 'Torture, Silence and Recognition'
  • Rob White, 'Community Corrections and Restorative Justice'
  • Mark Findlay, 'The ‘Demise of Corrections’ Fifteen Years On: Any Hope for Progressive Punishment?'

Contemporary Comment

  • Jude McCulloch et al., 'Suppressing the Financing of Terrorism' Dean Wilson, Amanda Third & Sharon Pickering, 'Media, Secrecy and Guantanamo Bay'
  • Marie Segrave, 'Surely something is better than nothing? The Australian response to the trafficking of women into sexual servitude in Australia'

Review Essay

Mike Grewcock, 'State Crime, Terror Laws and the ‘War Against Terror’: Review of Green, P & Ward, T (2004) State Crime: Governments, Violence and Corruption, Pluto, London; and Hocking, J (2004) Terror Laws: ASIO, Counter-Terrorism and the Threat to Democracy, UNSW Press, Sydney'


  • Wing Hong Chui, 'Stephen Farrall (2002) Rethinking What Works with Offenders: Probation, Social Context and Desistance from Crime, Willan, Cullompton, ISBN 1-903240-95-6'