Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 16 No. 2


  • Mirko Bagaric & Richard Edney, 'The Sentencing Advisory Commission and the Hope of Smarter Sentencing'
  • John L Anderson, ''Leading Steps aright': Judicial guideline judgements in New South Wales
  • Anne Cossins, 'Is There a Case for the Legal Representation of Children in Sexual Assault Trials?'
  • Kate Gleeson, 'From Centenary to the Olympics, Gang Rape in Sydney'
  • Alison Liebling, 'The Late Modern Prison and the Question of Values'

Contemporary Comment

  • Pamela Snow & Martine Powell, 'Interviewing Juvenile Offenders: The Importance of Oral Language Competence'
  • Christopher Martin, 'Law and Order in Public Housing: the Residential Tenancies Amendment (Public Housing) Act 2004 (NSW)'

Review Essay

Review by JaneMaree Maher, Jude McCulloch & Sharon Pickering, 'Where women face the judgement of their sisters': Review of Helen Garner, (2004) Joe Cinque's Consolation: A True Story of Death, Grief and the Law

Review by Scott Poynting, Advanced Australian Fear: A Review Essay: Tony Kevin, A Certain Maritime Incident: The sinking of the SIEV X; Iain Lygo, News Overboard: The tabloid media, race politics and Islam; Peter Manning, Dog Whistle Politics and Journalism: Reporting Arabic and Muslim People in Sydney newspapers; David Marr & Marian Wilkinson, Dark Victory


  • Peter Grabosky, 'Mark Findlay, Introducing Policing'
  • Scott Poynting, 'Phil Scraton (ed.) (2002) Beyond September 11: An Anthology of Dissent'


Laurie Glanfield & Patrick C. Jobes, 'Understanding the Criminology Research Council