Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 16 No. 3


  • Rob White, "Environmental Crime in Global Context: Exploring the Theoretical and Empirical Complexities"
  • Jessica Whelan, "Neo-Liberal Water Policy and Socio-Environmental Harm"
  • Kevin Tomkins, "Police, Law Enforcement and the Environment"
  • Robyn Bartel, "When the Heavenly Gaze Criminalises: Satellite Surveillance, Land Clearance Regulation and the Human-Nature Relationship"
  • Brian Walters, "Let the People Speak"
  • Jude McCulloch, "Loggerheads over Old Growth Forests: Growing Civil Society Against State Crime and the Timber Wedge"


  • Reannan Rottier, 'Susan Boyd, Dorothy Chunn & Robert Menzies (eds), Toxic Criminology: Environment, Law and the State in Canada'
  • Warren Sproule, 'Brian Walters, Slapping on the Writs'