Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 17 No. 1


  • Tessa Boyd-Caine & Duncan Chappell, The Forensic Patient Population in New South Wales
  • Ian Dobinson & Thomas Chiu, Access and Equity: The New South Wales Court Interpreter Service
  • Greg Gardiner, ‘Racial Profiling’: DNA Forensic Procedures and
    Indigenous People in Victoria
  • Susan Hayes, A Review of Non-custodial Interventions with Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Gail Mason, A Picture of Hate Crime: Racial and Homophobic
    Harassment in the United Kingdom
  • John Braithwaite, Pre-empting Terrorism

Responses to Pre-empting Terrorism

  • Mark Findlay, Some Brief Observations on the Significance of Deterrence in Braithwaite’s ‘Pre-empting Terrorism’


Justice Michael Kirby, Criminal Law Futurology

Contemporary Comment

  • Martine Powell, Improving the reliability of child witness testimony in court: The importance of focusing on questioning techniques
  • Dave Darcy, Policing the socially disadvantaged, the value of rekindling community policing in Woolloomooloo - A Police Commander’s perspective
  • Kevin Tomkins, Bouncers and Occupational Masculinity

Review Essay

Sam Garkawe, 'Colin Tatz, With Intent to Destroy: Reflecting on Genocide'


  • Ben Golder, 'Elaine C Hagopian (ed), Civil Rights in Peril: The Targeting of Arabs and Muslims'
  • Eileen Baldry, 'Pat Carlen & Anne Worrall, Analysing Women’s
  • Mike Grewcock, 'Sharon Pickering (2005) Refugees and State Crime'