Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 19 No. 1

Editor: Professor Duncan Chappell, University of Sydney


  • Brendon Murphy and John Anderson, 'Mates, Mr Big and the Unwary': Ongoing Supply and its Relationship to Entrapment
  • Jeremy Gans, Catching Bradley Murdoch: Tweezers, Pitchforks and the Limits of DNA Sampling
  • Thomas Crofts, Wilful Murder, Murder - What's in a Name?
  • Martine Powell, Kim Roberts and Belinda Guadagno, Particularisation of Child Abuse Offences: Common Problems when Questioning Child Witnesses
  • Nessa Lynch, Respecting Legal Rights in the New Zealand Youth Justice Family Group Conference
  • Marietta Martinovic, Home Detention: Issues, Dilemmas and Impacts for Detainees' Co-Residing Family Members
  • John Owen, The Moral Dynamics of Riots in Contemporary Australia

Contemporary Comments

  • Asher Flynn, Carl Williams: Secret Deals and Bargained Justice - The Underworld of Victoria's Plea Bargaining System


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