Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 19 No. 3

Editor: Professor Duncan Chappell, University of Sydney


  • Andreas Schloenhardt, Mafias and Motorbikes: New Organised Crime Offences in Australia
  • Felicity Stewart and Arie Freiberg, Provocation in Sentencing: A Culpability-Based Framework
  • Lynne Roberts and David Indermaur, The Ethics of Research with Prisoners
  • Sue King, David Bamford and Rick Sarre, The Remand Strategy: Assessing Outcomes
  • Stanley Yeo, Commonwealth and International Perspectives on Self-Defence, Duress and Necessity

Contemporary Comments

  • Mike Grewcock, Systems of Exclusion: The Rudd Government and the 'End' of the Pacific Solution
  • Trevor Perry, Court Mandated Outpatient Treatment for Mentally Ill Offenders in New South Wales


Jesse Elvin, Self-Defence in Criminal Law, B Sangero, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2006

Stephen Tomsen, Violent Night: Urban Leisure and Contemporary Culture, S Winlow and S Hall, Berg, Oxford, 2006