Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 1 No. 1 (Oct 1989)

Criminal Investigation: The Law Under Suspicion

  • John Kable, "Williams to Carr - Where Now?"
  • Paul Byrne, "Criminal Investigation: The Need for Reform"
  • Chief Superintendent K J Drew, "Criminal Investigation: The Police Perspective"
  • Stephen Odgers, "Policing Interrogation and/or Proving Guilt"
  • Prisoners' Action Group, Discussion Paper 1
  • Prisoners' Action Group, Discussion Paper 2

Sex, Violence and Censorship

  • Dr Paul Wilson, "The Effects of Sexually Explicit Media Material"
  • John Dickie, "Future Directions in Film and Video Classification"
  • Prof Brent Waters, "Mediating Children's TV/Video Viewing: Censorship in the Home?"
  • Margaret Thornton, "Pornography as Social Injury"