Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 20 No. 1

Special Issue: The Criminalisation and Punishment of Children and Young People

Special Issue Editor: Professor Phil Scraton, Queen's University, Belfast


Phil Scraton The Criminalisation and Punishment of Children and Young People: Introduction


  • Siobhán McAlister, Predictable Pathways? Negotiating Risk in the Context of Marginalisation and Social Exclusion
  • Timo Harrikari, Exploring Risk Governance in the Nordic Context: Finnish Juvenile Crime and Child Welfare
  • Chris Cunneen, Changing the Neo-Colonial Impacts of Juvenile Justice
  • Deena Haydon and Phil Scraton, Conflict, Regulation and Marginalisation in the North of Ireland: The Experiences of Children and Young People
  • Linda Moore and Una Convery, Barred from Change: The Incarceration of Children and Young People in Northern Ireland
  • Mark Halsey, Pathways into Prison: Biographies, Crimes, Punishment
  • Henry A. Giroux, Youth in a Suspect Society: Education Beyond the Politics of Disposability

Contemporary Comments

  • Tony Platt, The Child Savers Reconsidered
  • Shadd Maruna and Anna King, Giving Up on the Young
  • Bryan A. Stevenson, Cruel and Unusual: Sentencing 13- and 14-Year-Old Children to Die in Prison


Bree Carlton, In the Care of the State? Child Deaths in Penal Custody in England and Wales, Barry Goldson and Deborah Coles, Inquest, London, 2005