Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 20 No. 2 (November 2008)

Issue Editor: Professor Duncan Chappell, University of Sydney


  • Christine Neill and Andrew Leigh, Do Gun Buy-Backs save Lives? Evidence from the Time Series Variation
  • Samara McPhedron and Jeanine Baker, Enhancing Evidence-based policy: Priniciples and Practice from a Case Study of Australian Firearm Legislation.
  • Amanda Burnard, The Right to a Fair Trial: Young Offenders and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities
  • Martine B Powell, Designing Effective Training Programs for Investigative Interviewers of Children
  • Diana Eades, Telling and Retelling Your Story in Court: Questions, Assumptions and Intercultural Implications
  • Dot Goulding; Guy Hall; Brian Steels, Restorative Prisons: Towards Radical Prison Reform
  • Nafis Muhamad Hanif, Prison's Spoilt Identities: Racially Structured Realities Within and Beyond
  • Russell Brewer; Derek Dalton, Assessing the Importance of Culture in Explaining Drug Use amongst Indigenous Police Detainees in Adelaide

Contemporary Comments

  • Bree Carlton, Jude McCulloch, R v Benbrika and ors (Ruling No 20): The 'War on Terror', Human Rights and the Pre-emptive Punishment of Terror Suspects in High-Security
  • Emma Ryan, Shocked and Stunned: A Consideration of the Implications of Tasers in Australia
  • Mark Findlay, Legitimating Criminal Justice through Community Engagement: Lessons from the Jury Experience
  • Megan Peacock, A Third Space between the Prison and the Community: Post Release Programs and Re-Integration


David Brown, Delivered at the Launch of 'Governing Through Globalised Crime, Futures for International Criminal Justice', Sydney, 13 May 2008


  • Ruth Armstrong, Recapturing Freedom
  • Danielle Tyson, Captive Images: Race, Crime, Photography [Book Review]