Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 21 No. 1 (July 2009)

Special Issue: Bail in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada

Special Issue Editors: Dr Anthea Hucklesby, University of Leeds, and Professor Rick Sarre, University of South Australia


Anthea Hucklesby and Rick Sarre, Bail in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada: Introduction


  • Anthea Hucklesby, Keeping the Lid on the Prison Remand Population: The Experience in England and Wales
  • Sue King, David Bamford and Rick Sarre, Discretionary Decision-making in a Dynamic Context: The Influences on Remand Decision-makers in Two Australian Jurisdictions
  • Tracey Booth and Lesley Townsley, The Process is the Punishment: The Case of Bail in New South Wales
  • Katherine Boyle, 'The More Things Change ...': Bail and the Incarceration of Homeless Young People
  • Cheryl Webster, Anthony Doob and Nicole Myers, The Parable of Ms Baker: Understanding Pre-trial Detention in Canada
  • Cheryl Webster, Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A Case Study of Bail Efficiency in an Ontario Video Remand Court
  • Nicole Myers, Shifting Risk: Bail and the Use of Sureties

Contemporary Comments

  • John Hargreaves, 'Beyond Rehab': Where Does the Prison Fit?
  • Rick Sarre, The Importance of Political Will in the Imprisonment Debate


  • David Brown, 'Too High in Human Terms': The Costs of High Security Imprisonment
  • Danielle Tyson, Captive Images: Race, Crime, Photography [Book Review]