Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 21 No. 3 (March 2010)


  • Julie Beesley, Organised Chaos: Seeing with new eyes
  • Patrick O’Malley, Fines, Risks and Damages: Money sanctions and justice in control societies
  • Jenny Wise, Providing the CSI Treatment: Criminal justice practitioners and the CSI effect
  • Christina Marel, Substituting Reduced-Toxicity Spray Paints for Aromatic Spray Paints and the Effect on Suspicious Sales
  • Marietta Martinovic, Increasing Compliance on Home Detention-Based Sanctions Through Utilisation of an Intensive Intervention Program
  • Jon Frauley, The Fictional Reality and Criminology: An ontology of theory and exemplary pedagogical practice

Contemporary Comments

  • Gail Mason, Violence against Indian Students in Australia: A question of dignity
  • Jenny Bargen, Bail/Remand Crisis and Young People
  • Prianka Nair, Questioning Intellectually Disabled Witnesses in Court


  • Mark Findlay An Outstanding Defender and Scholar: Paul Byrne SC


  • Tessa Boyd-Caine, Victims' Rights, Human Rights and Criminal Justice - Reconceiving the role of third parties, Jonathan Doak, 2009
  • Rita Shackel, Serial Survivors, Jan Jordan, 2008