Current Issues in Criminal Justice

Current Issues in Criminal Justice: Volume 23 Number 3, March 2012

Issue Editors:
Dr Arlie Loughnan, Sydney Law School
Dr Murray Lee, Sydney Law School


  • Caitlin Hughes and Steve James, Performance Monitoring of Australian Drug Law Enforcement Agencies: Impediments to and Prospects for Reform
  • Nesam McMillan, The Tactical Payment Scheme: Configurations of Life and Death in the Context of War
  • Martine Powell and Rebecca Wright, Professionals’ Perceptions of a New Model of Sexual Assault Investigation Adopted by Victoria Police
  • Suellen Murray and Melanie Heenan, Reported Rapes in Victoria: Police Responses to Victims with a Psychiatric Disability or Mental Health Issue
  • James McNicol and Andreas Schloenhardt, Australia's Child Sex Tourism Offences
  • Penny Crofts, JaneMaree Maher, Sharon Pickering and Jason Prior, Ambivalent Regulation: The Sexual Services Industries in NSW and Victoria - Sex Work as Work, or as Special Category?
  • Marietta Martinovic and Philipp Schluter, A Researcher’s Experience of Wearing a GPS-EM Device

Lionel Murphy Memorial Lecture

  • Robert McClelland, Vigilance against Injustice in the Justice System

Contemporary Comments

  • Nicholas Cowdery, Criminal Justice in New South Wales under the new State Government
  • Liam Grealy, Inappropriate Powers under the Housing Amendment (Registrable Persons) Act 2009 (NSW)
  • Janice Sim, Bridging the Gap: Thinking Beyond the State in Child Protection


  • Mark Findlay, Policing, Popular Culture and Political Economy: Towards a Social Democratic Criminology by Robert Reiner
  • Angela Dwyer, Violence, Prejudice and Sexuality by Stephen Tomsen
  • Janice Sim, Murder, Medicine and Motherhood by Emma Cunliffe