Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 2 No. 1 (Jul 1990)

  • Mark Findlay, "Some Thoughts on the Institute of Criminology"

    Gordon Hawkins, "Present at the Creation: the Inception and Development of the Institute of Criminology"
  • The Hon J R A Dowd, MP, "Delays in the Higher Criminal Court"
  • John Bragg, "Delay Reduction Through Integrated Caseflow Management"
  • M A Viney, QC, "The Process of Reform"
  • Angela Karpin, "Delays in Local Courts"
  • John Braithwaite, "Convergence in Models of Regulatory Strategy"
  • Chris Cunneen, "Trends in Prosecutions Under Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in NSW: An Overview"
  • Michael J Booth, "The Role of Prosecutions in Achieving a Safer Workplace"
  • Nicola Franklin, "Environmental Pollution Control: the Limits of the Criminal Law"
  • David Farrier, "Regulation of Rural Land Use: Coercion or Consensus?"