Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 2 No. 2 (Nov 1990)

Committal Reform

  • The Hon J R A Dowd, MP, "Committal Reform: Radical or Evolutionary Change"
  • Peter Hidden, QC, "The Benefits of Committal Proceedings"
  • Greg James, QC, "Committal Proceedings, Pre-Trial Disclosure: Where Are We? Where Do We Go?"
  • John Bishop, "The Abolition of Committal Proceedings"
  • Bron McKillop, "Committal for Trial and Pre-Trial Disclosure: Some Overseas Perspectives"

Money Laundering, Cash Transactions, Reporting and Confiscation of the Proceeds of Crime

  • John Thornton, "Confiscating Criminal Assets: The New Deterrent"
  • Bill Coad, QC, "CTRA: Targetting Money Laundering with Tax Revenue Underpinning"

    Phillip Bradley, "Confiscation of Criminal Assets: Recent Developments in New South Wales"
  • Patricia Loughlan, "Equity and the Proceeds of Crime"
  • Lee Burns, "Finding the Information Trail: Some Experiences in International Tax Enforcement"
  • David Fraser, "Lawyers, Guns and Money: Towards a Comparative Jurisprudence of Organised Crime"