Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 2 No. 3 (Mar 1991)

ICAC: Lessons From the First Twelve Months

  • Ian Temby, QC, "ICAC: Working in the Public Interest"
  • Peter McClellan, QC, "ICAC: A Barrister's Perspective"
  • Brian Toohey, "ICAC: Living in an Imperfect World"
  • Mark Findlay, "Corruption Control and Monstering: Government Agendas, Community Expectations and the ICAC Solution"

Coronial Inquiries / The Role of the Coroner/ Deaths in Custody

  • The Hon J R A Dowd, MP, "The Role of the Coroner"
  • The Hon J H Wootten, QC, "Deaths in Custody"
  • Derrick Hand, "Office of the State Coroner"
  • Michael Hogan, "Towards a New South Wales Coronial System for the Nineties"
  • Michael Sexton, "Chelmsford"