Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 3 No. 2 (Nov 1991)


  • [[b||Robert White, "Taking Custody to the Community"
  • [[b||Laurie Maher, "Policy and Trends in Relation to Juvenile Detentions"
  • [[b||Sara Thorley-Smith, "Education Policies in Detention Centres"
  • [[b||Elizabeth Moore, "Custodial Programs and Transition into the Community"
  • [[b||Chris Cunneen, "Aboriginal Juveniles in Custody"
  • [[b||Julie Stubbs, "The Sentencing of Young Offenders in Canada"
  • [[b||Mark Swivel, "Public Convenience, Public Nuisance"
  • [[b||Mark Findlay and Andrew Stewart, "Implementing Corruption Prevention Strategies Through Codes of Conduct"

Contemporary Comment

  • NSWYJC, "Open Letter to the Premier, Attorney General and the Minister for Justice: Transfer of young offenders to the Minister for Justice"
  • Julie Stubbs, "Battered Woman Syndrome"