Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 3 No. 3 (Mar 1992)

Special Issue: The Sentencing Act 1989


  • Peter Hidden, QC, "The Sentencing Act: An Historical Overview"

    The Hon Justice M Campbell, "Changing Horses"
  • Joe Ford, "The Sentencing Act 1989"
  • Angela Gorta, "Impact of the Act on the NSW Prison Population"
  • Ivan Potas, "The Sentencing Act 1989: Impact and Review"
  • David Brown, "Battles Around Truth"
  • Rod Blackmore, "The Sentencing Act and the Children's Court"
  • Mark Findlay, "Impact of Criminal Justice Administration on the Penal Sanction"

Contemporary Comments

  • Chris Cunneen, "Aboriginal Imprisonment During and Since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody"
  • Patricia Weiser Easteal, "Battered Woman Syndrome: Misunderstood? Response to article by Julie Stubbs"