Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 5 No. 1 (Jul 1993)


  • Andrew Ashworth and Andrew von Hirsch, "Desert and the Three Rs"
  • Peter de Graaff, "The Poverty of Punishment"
  • Mark Findlay, "Police Authority, Respect and Shaming"
  • Susan Dann and Paul Wilson, "Gun Ownership and Violence in Australia"
  • David Brown, "Notes on the Culture of Prison Informing"

Contemporary Comments

  • Tim Anderson, "Miscarriages: What is the Problem?"
  • NSW AG's Dept, "Extract from Issues Paper: 'Review of Section 475 of the Crimes Act 1900"
  • Yvonne Swift, "Section 475 ­p; the Last Resort"
  • John Nader QC, "Miscarriages of Justice and Extracurial Inquiries: A Judicial View from the Northern Territory"
  • Ray Burn, "Intellectually Impaired Cannot Get a s 475"
  • George Zdenkowski, "Remedies for Miscarriage of Justice"