Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 5 No. 2 (Nov 1993)


  • Sinclair Dinnen, "Fighting With Votes: Violence, Security and the 1992 National Elections in Papua New Guinea"
  • Chris Cunneen and Liz de Rome, "Monitoring Hate Crime: Report on a Pilot Project in NSW"
  • Sheila Jeffreys, "Consent and the Politics of Sexuality"
  • Brian Simpson and Cheryl Simpson, "Use of Curfews to Control Juvenile Offending in Australia: Managing Crime or Wasting Time?"

Contemporary Comments

  • Teya Dusseldorp, "Sex, Lies and Feminism"
  • Stephen Thomsen, "The Political Contradictions of Policing and Countering Anti-Gay Violence in NSW"
  • Judge Shillington, "Sentence Indication Pilot Scheme"
  • Susan Pinto and Douglas Grieve, "Redefining Organised Crime: Commentary on a recent paper by Phil Dickie and Paul Wilson"