Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 5 No. 3 (Mar 1994)


  • Roman Tomasic, "Corporate Crime in a Civil Law Culture"
  • Kathleen Farrell, "Corporate Crime: Complex Criminal Trials ­p; The ASC Perspective"
  • Graham Delaney, "The DPP Perspective on Complex Criminal Trials"
  • John Nader QC, "Shortening Complex Criminal Trials"
  • Mark Aronson, "Some Comments on the Nader Report on Complex Criminal Trials"
  • Justice Santow, "Corporate Crime: Complex Criminal Trials ­p; A Commentary"
  • Stephen Mason, "Commentary: Principles, Proposals and Penalties"

Contemporary Comments

  • John Braithwaite and Duncan Chappell, "The Job Compact and Crime: Submission to the Committee on Employment Opportunities"
  • John Pratt, "Understanding Punishment: Beyond 'Aims and Objectives'"
  • Janet Chan, "The Fragmentation of Social Theory and its Implications for Penal Policy"
  • David Heilpern, "Decarceration in Poland"
  • Philip Pettit with John Braithwaite, "The Three Rs of Republican Sentencing"
  • Paul Walton, "Re-examining the New Criminology"