Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 6 No. 1 (Jul 1994)


  • Stanley Yeo, "Native Criminal Jurisdiction After Mabo"
  • Richard Harding, "Victimisation, Moral Panics and the Distortion of Criminal Justice Policy: A Review Essay of Ezzat Fattah's 'Towards a Criminal Victimology"
  • Sandra Egger, "Victimisation, Moral Panics... A Reply to Richard Harding"
  • Dorne J Boniface, "Ruining a Good Boy for the Sake of a Bad Girl: False Accusation Theory in Sexual Offences"
  • David McDonald, "The Monitoring of Australian Deaths in Custody: Some Contemporary Issues"
  • Terese Henning, "A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing or When is an Arrest Not an Arrest"
  • Margaret Allars, "In Search of Legal Objective Standards: The Meaning of Greiner v Independent Commission Against Corruption"
  • David Lanham, "Withdrawal of Artificial Feeding from Patients in a Persistent Vegetative State"

Contemporary Comments

  • David Brown, "Transcending Dichotomies: The Criminal Justice Network and a Dialogue Concerning Prisoners and Victims"
  • David Fraser, "Heart of Darkness: The Criminalisation of Female Genital Mutilation"
  • Lou Schetzer, "Victorian Police Plan to Use Chemical Weapons"
  • Paul Walton, "Out of Control: Electronic and Digital Media on the Information Super Highway"
  • David Brown, "Silencing in the Court: The Abolition of the Dock Statement in NSW"

Book Reviews

  • Jenny Bargen, Rob White and Christine Alder (eds), "The Police and Young People in Australia"