Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 6 No. 3 (Mar 1995)


  • David Heilpern, "Sexual Assault of NSW Prisoners"
  • Tim Anderson, "Victims' Rights or Human Rights?"
  • Gail Travis et al, "The International Crime Surveys: Some Methodological Concerns"
  • Christine S Mendes, "Signal Driver: From Bus Stops to Bus Shelters ­p; The New Art of Appropriating Space"
  • R S O'Regan QC, "Crime Commissions and the Criminal Trial ­p; The Criminal Justice Commission"
  • Brent Fisse, "Corporations, Crime and Accountability"

Contemporary Comment

  • Chris Cunneen, "Ethnic Minority Youth and Juvenile Justice"
  • Sinclair Dinnen, "Papua New Guinea in 1994: The Most Turbulent Year?"

Book Reviews

  • Terry Carney, R Bayer and G M Oppenheimer (eds), "Confronting Drug Policy: Illicit Drugs in a Free Society"
  • Bron McKillop, Kenneth Polk, "When Men Kill: Scenarios of Masculine Violence"
  • Julie Stubbs, WCAFV, "Blood on Whose Hands? The killing of women and children in domestic homicides"