Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 7 No. 1 (July 1995)


  • P N Grabowsky, "Fear of Crime and Fear Reduction Strategies"
  • Michael King, "Psychology and the Legal Process: Is Science and Law an Impossible Marriage?"
  • Eilis S Magner, "Improving Witness Memory: An Interdisciplinary Research Agenda"
  • Bron McKillop, "Forensic Science in Inquisitorial Systems of Criminal Justice"
  • Damian Lucas, "Breaking the Silence that Silence: A time of challenge and change in Aboriginal/police relations, the 1960s and 1970s"

Contemporary Comment

  • Kate Sinclair, "Medical Examination of Defendants: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"
  • David Brown, "Prison Policy: Where to Now?"
  • Tony Vinson, "Where to Begin Cutting the New South Wales Prison Population"
  • David Fraser, "Father Knows Best: Transgressive Sexualities (?) and the Rule of Law"
  • Hal Jackson, "Policing Remote Aboriginal Communities, Wiluna 1994"
  • NSW AWLRC, "Funding Dispute Over Aboriginal Women's Resources"
  • Simone Hoehl, "Neo-Nazism and the Right Wing Movement in Germany: Should Offenders be Punished Severely?"

Book Reviews

  • Jenny Bargen, Andrew J Goldsmith (ed), "Complaints Against Police"
  • David Brown, Ann Aungles, "The Prison and Home"
  • David Dixon, Mark Findlay and Ugljesa Zvekic (eds), "Alternative Policing Strategies"
  • Stephen Norrish, Mark Findlay, Stephen Odgers and Stanley Yeo, "Australian Criminal Justice"