Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 7 No. 2 (Nov 1995)

Special Issue on Child Abuse


  • Robert Ludbrook, "The Child's Right to Bodily Integrity"
  • Lyndy A Potter and R H Potter, "The Impact of Child Abuse on Adult Survivors, An Empirical Study of a Non-clinical Sample"
  • Kate Sinclair, "Responding to Abuse: A Matter of Perspective"
  • Kay Bussey, "Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse, Accurate and Truthful Disclosures, False Allegations and False Denials"
  • Ania Wilczynski, "Risk Factors for Parental Child Homicide, Results of an English Study"
  • Pamela Budai, "Rehabilitation of Children's Evidence in Child Sexual Assault Cases"
  • Karen McCarthy, "The Joint Investigative Team Experience"
  • Judith Edwards, "Preventing Child Abuse in High Risk Families, The Benevolent Society of New South Wales Early Intervention Programme"
  • Kate Russell, "Inmates with Alcohol and Other Drug Problems, What About the Next Generation?"

Contemporary Comment

  • Chris McRobert, "The Abused Child ­p; A Perspective from the Bench of the Children's Court"
  • Patrick Parkinson, "Review of the Children (Care and Protection) Act 1987 (NSW)"

Book Reviews

  • Marie Wilkinson, Freda Briggs, "From Victim to Offender: How Child Sexual Abuse Victims Become Offenders"
  • Marcus Niski, Gitta Sereny, "The Case of Mary Bell: A Portrait of a Child Who Murdered"
  • Terry Carney, L Waterhouse (ed), "Child Abuse and Child Abusers"