Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 7 No. 3 (Mar 1996)


  • David Dixon, "Reform of Policing by Legal Regulation: International Experience in Criminal Investigation"
  • Rob White, "Racism, Policing and Ethnic Youth Gangs"
  • Tim Prenzler, "Rebuilding the Walls? The Impact of Police Pre-Entry Physical Ability Tests on Female Applicants"
  • David Biles, "Custody, Crime and the Community"
  • Boronia Halstead, "Implementing Coroners' Death in Custody Recommendations: A Victorian Case Study"
  • Jason Munstermann, "Rescinding the Hitting Licence: Compelling Domestic Violence Victims to Testify"
  • Mark Findlay, "Policies of Secrecies and Denial: Barriers to Jury Reform"

Contemporary Comment

  • Gary Sturgess, "Truth in Policing"
  • Andrew Leigh, "Youth and Street Racing"

Book Reviews

  • Eilis S Magner, Judith Fox, "Bracelet Honeymyrtle"
  • Russell Hogg, Review Essay: A "Non-Modern" Approach to Law, Bruno Latour, "We Have Never Been Modern"