Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 8 No. 1 (Jul 1996)

Special Issue on the Future of Criminology

Features papers from the "Future of Criminology: Australian and International Perspectives" Conference, hosted by the Institute of Criminology in Sydney February 1996.


  • Janet Chan, "The Future of Criminology: An Introduction"
  • Richard V Ericson, "Making Criminology"
  • Pat O'Malley, "Post-Social Criminologies: Some Implications of Current Political Trends for Criminological Theory and Practice"
  • Mark Finnane, "Comment on Pat O'Malley, 'Post-Social Criminologies'"
  • Russell Hogg, "Criminological Failure and Governmental Effect"
  • David Dixon, "History in Criminology"
  • David Brereton, "Does Criminology Matter? Crime, Politics and the Policy Process"

Contemporary Comment

  • P N Grabosky, "Some Futures for Criminology"

Book Reviews

  • John Howard, Cunneen and White, "Juvenile Justice: an Australian Perspective"
  • Chris Cunneen, Schissel, "Social Dimensions of Canadian Youth Justice"