Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 8 No. 2 (Nov 1996)


  • D Brereton & A Ede, The Police Code of Silence in Queensland: The Impact of the Fitzgerald Inquiry Reforms
  • Simon Bronitt, 'No Records. No Time. No Reason.' Protecting Rape Victims' Privacy and the Fair Trial
  • Bernadette O'Connor, Creating Choices – Or Just Softening the Blow? The Contradictions of Reform: Inmate Mothers and their Children
  • Dianne Mitchell, Victim Impact Statements: A brief examination of their implementation in Victoria

Contemporary Comment

  • David Brown and Russell Hogg, Law and Order Commonsense
  • Kathy Laster, Feminist Criminology: Coping with Success
  • Bob Debus, Women's Imprisonment: The Politics of Difference

Book Reviews

  • P. N. Grabosky, on Union of International Associations (eds) Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential
  • Andrew Sharp, on Rob White and Fiona Haines, Crime and Criminology
  • Kerry Carrington, on Alison Young, Imagining Crime, Textual Outlaws and Criminal Conversations