Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 8 No. 3 (Mar 1997)


  • Mark Halsey, Environmental Crime: Towards an Eco-Human Rights Approach
  • Rebecca Dobash and Russell Dobash, Men's Violence and Programs Focused on Change
  • E. Jane Ursel, The Possibilities of Criminal Justice Intervention in Domestic Violence: A Canadian Case Study
  • Eileen Baldry, Convicted Women: Before and After Prison
  • Terese Henning, Hidden Factors in the Assessment of Offenders for Community Service Orders in Tasmania

Contemporary Comment

  • Lioba Rist, Gender Difference – Classified Information

Book Reviews

  • Katherine Noble, on Beresford, Q and Omaji, P, Rites of Passage
  • Mariella Ienna, Dead Man Walking and the Rhetoric of an 'eye for an eye': A Punishment Out of the Public View
  • Eilis S Magner, on Wexler & Winick (eds) Law in a Therapeutic Key: Developments in Therapeutic Jurisprudence