Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 9 No. 3 (Mar 1998)

Edited by Dr Harry Blagg, University of Western Australia


  • Steve James and Adam Sutton, Policing Drugs in the Third Millennium: The Dilemmas of Community-based Philosophies
  • David Brown, The Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service: Process Corruption and the Limits of Judicial Reflexivity
  • Cindy Davids, Shaping Public Perceptions of Police Integrity: Conflict of Interest Scenarios in Fictional Interpretations of Policing
  • Michael Chaaya, Children's Evidence in Sexual Abuse Cases: The Need for a Radical Reappraisal
  • Linley Walker, Chivalrous Masculinity among Juvenile Offenders in Western Sydney: A New Perspective on Young Working Class Men and Crime
  • Tim Prenzler and Michael Townsley, The Prospects for Burglary Prevention in Australia

Contemporary Comment

  • Rob White, Hassle-Free Policing and the Creation of Community Space
  • Peter de Graaf, Education in Prisons: Politics or Progress


Stephen Tomsen and Allen George, More on 'Gay Killings'

Review Essay

  • Russell Hogg, Criminology, Violence and the Nation State


  • Andrew Sharpe, on Pat Califia, Sex Changes
  • Andrew Johnson, on M. Finnane, Punishment in Australian Society