Current Issues in Criminal Justice: Special Issues

Recent special issues include:
Issue Subject Editors
Volume 28 No 1
July 2016
Forum Feature: Sydney’s Lockout Laws Professor Murray Lee
(Sydney Law School)
Volume 27 No 2
November 2015
Crime, Media and New Technologies Dr Alyce McGovern
(School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales)
Volume 26 No 1
July 2014
Responding to Historical Child Sexual Abuse Associate Professor Judy Cashmore
(Sydney Law School)
Associate Professor Rita Shackel
(Sydney Law School)
Volume 25 No 1
July 2013
Ethnography, Crime and Criminal Justice Dr Max Travers
(University of Tasmania)
Dr Judy Putt
(University of Tasmania)
Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner
(University of Sydney)
Volume 24 No 1
July 2012
Forensic Science and Justice:
From Crime Scene to Court and Beyond
Associate Professor Roberta Julian
(University of Tasmania)
Dr Sally Kelty
(University of Tasmania)
Volume 23 No 1
July 2011
Risk, Resilience and Beyond Dr Murray Lee
(Sydney Law School)
Dr Tara Renae McGee
(Griffith University)
Volume 22 No 2
November 2010
Beyond Prison:
Women, Incarceration and Justice?
Associate Professor Gail Mason
(University of Sydney)
Professor Julie Stubbs
(University of New South Wales)