Study criminology: Master of Criminology (MCrim) & Graduate Diploma in Criminology (GradDipCrim)

The postgraduate criminology program at Sydney Law School is among the largest and most respected in Australia. Students are offered a broad range of inter-disciplinary courses and the opportunity to study with some of Australia's leading criminologists. Postgraduate criminology has a long history at the University of Sydney. While this means that the programs are well established, they are also innovative and include units of study not on offer in any other Australian universities.

The criminology is of immediate relevance to a wide range of professional and occupational groups (lawyers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, probation and parole officers, police, youth workers, correctional officers, those engaged in research and policy work in the public sector), and for anyone with an interest in crime, criminalisation and the criminal justice system. It is not necessary to have a law degree in order to be admitted to the program.

The curriculum has been designed to offer a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary and critical coverage of contemporary criminology and criminal justice issues.

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